Welcome to Montero/Clinger Goat Farm!

Please enjoy your stay.

We focus on natural methods of health management, no hormones or steroids are used on our goats. We do not feed or advocate the use of genetically modified feeds. Our goats are grazed on pastures with plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Montero Goat Farm has implemented a quality assurance program to insure the health of our stock. We test yearly for CL and CAE two common diseases that could effect the health of the goats and the quality of the meat. Montero goat farms strives to grow the best product making sure all animals that are processed for human consumption is hand selected and processed at the perfect weight and age to guarantee tenderness of the meat and the wonderful mild taste.

Montero Goat Farm is owned and operated by Gloria Montero a lifelong resident of Fallon Nevada, she has been in the goat business for over 25 years. She strives to bring you a quality product. NV is a great place to raise goats because of the environment, and weather.

Boer Goats are our specialty. We raise goats for meat and dairy. We also raise goats for pack uses and for weed control as well.

Goat milk is very healthy, and the milk can be used to make cheese and soap as well.