About Us

The legacy of Montero Goat farms begins in the early 1920’s. My Grandfather, Antionio Sousa Damazion, Emigrated to Hemet California from Lisbon Portugal in the early 1900s where he owned and operated a small Cow dairy, and also kept many goats for meat and milk for feeding his family.
My Father, John Souza Damazio, obviously was raised with goats as a regular part of his life! He moved to Fallon in 1963 and milked cows by profession, and also kept around 60 goats for food and milk, he also sold to the public. Well, when I was born, I was a very sick child! I could not drink anything without getting sick, not even breast milk or formula. So the Doctor told my parents, “Put her on goat’s milk, or she will die!” So, I got a regular diet of goat’s milk and steadily improved. I guess you can say that goats saved my life!

So, needless to say, I have grown up around goats my whole life, but didn’t take it up as a profession until 1993. I started with a great herd of Registered LaMancha milk goats. Then in 1998 I traveled to Lincoln California to buy my first meat goat, a 100% fullblood Registered Boer Buck from Matt and Claudia Gurn of MAC Goats. From him I started a breeding program to raise quality, healthy meat goats for the general public, and to raise awareness of the health benefits of goat meat. Shortly after this I reached out to the local 4H Club, only to find out that there was no goat program in Fallon! So, I then became a 4H leader and  fought for the Nevada Junior Livestock show to allow children to show goats. I also started the goat program here in Fallon. Most recently I have ventured into Pack goats and found that to be a whole new exciting world. I now have goats in Lovelock  grazing NON-GMO pastures on the Clinger Ranch, Carl Clinger also has goats and we work together to provide the consumer with the best quality meat we can.

We focus on natural methods of health management, no hormones or steroids are used on our goats. We do not feed or advocate the use of genetically modified feeds. Our goats are grazed on pastures with plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Montero Goat Farm has implemented a quality assurance program to insure the health of our stock. We test yearly for CL and CAE two common diseases that could effect the health of the goats and the quality of the meat.

Montero Goat Farm is owned and operated by Gloria Montero a lifelong resident of Fallon Nevada, she has been in the goat business for over 25 years. She strives to
bring you a quality product. NV is a great place to raise goats because of the environment, and weather.

Boer Goats are our specialty. We raise goats for meat and dairy. We also raise goats for pack uses and for weed control as well.

Goat milk is very healthy, and the milk can be used to make cheese and soap as well.