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Heather Manzo

BBQ goat loin from Gloria Damazio Montero Farms, asparagus and sweet potato! This is the first time I’ve tried goat made at home and I was fully prepared to go meatless tonight. It is perfect just seasoned with salt and pepper. YUM!

Deana Butcher- Paulman

It was a HIT!!! The family loved their dinner!! Goat chops marinated in garlic, rosemary, pinch of salt, olive oil and burgundy cooking wine. Pan seared 2 minutes on one side 3 minutes on the other. Perfect medium rare. Served with green beans and garlic mashed potatoes. The hubby likes it better than lamb! I think I see a goat in our future. :o)

Glorious Garlic Farm

Just discovered the wonderful flavor of goat meat. Roasts, chops, shanks all a nice companion for the many varieties of garlic I grow at the farm. Here’s a nice curried leg roast we stuffed with garlic cloves and marinated in a savory curry sauce. Delicious !!

Garlic-1 Garlic-2 Garlic-3

Geneva Mora

Geneva-PastaMontero Clinger Goat Farm provide the best goat meat in the world! Yes this may be an exaggeration, but I absolutely love it. I have replaced most of my ground beef recipes with it and have not looked back. My favorite and most easiest thing to make with the ground goat are goat tacos; I also love goat chili. Local and sustainably raised is something that is very important to me; I know that the goats are being treated humanely and not fed anything weird.


Gloria Montero Goat on menu starting Saturday October 4th @camporeno @theabbiagency @goat #happygoat  #buylocal #biggestlittlecity

Goat Trio



Curry Infused Ribs

Seared Loin

Grilled Chop

Girl Farm

If you haven’t had goat meat, you are missing out on something amazing. We started with a leg roast from Montero Goat Farm-bone in. Pound for Pound the most meat I have every gotten off of a any leg-beef, lamb, or pork. The 3.5lb roast most have been 3.25lbs of edible meat to .25lbs bone and fat. Our final Birria product. Warm, delicious, so rich, tasty, complex flavors, yet perfectly balanced.

GirlFarm-1 Makes me want to raise GirlFarm Goat…just kidding. But seriously, what we have Great Basin Community Food Coop is incredible. At our very own coop you can buy LOCAL, FRESH, and HUMANELY RAISED goat, lamb, beef, pork and chicken. I challenge you to find an single store in Reno that you can do that at!